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NOTE: On Saturday, we misspoke. Dawn Pasley's 
husband,James, preaches at the Northside 
congregation in Butler, Alabama.


Who Owns You? 
 by Stan Mitchell

"But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for
the sake of Christ" (Philippians 3:7).

As the Colombians walked back to their fixed wing
aircraft, Gerald felt a mixture of exhilaration and
fear. Four million dollars was a lot of money! Just one
deal, he promised himself, that's all he would do, and
he would be set for life. He wouldn't have to work
another day in his life. He looked at the case of
cocaine in the trunk of his car. There would be some
tense moments at the border, but once through there it
would be plain sailing.

Then he saw the note attached to one of the packets of
the snowy narcotic. His name was written on the top.
Picking up the paper, he turned it over. There was just
one sentence:

"I own you now." It was signed "Raul."

Raul Lozano was the drug boss he had met, silent and
lethal, who had been Gerald's first contact. His heart
sank. Gerald had made a deal with the Devil, and he
understood for the first time that any monetary profit
he received would bring a staggering loss. His life,
and his family's was no longer his own.

I am frequently astounded at the way people so readily,
uncritically make a deal with the Devil when making a
deal with Christ would be so much more profitable. Why
do we do it? Paul learned the opposite truth to Gerald.
When you sign on with the Lord, everything else fades
into the background.

When Christ owns you, you make an everlasting profit! 

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