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How Embarrassing!
 by Mike Benson

Okay, I confess. Back in '97, I used to keep a roll of
toliet paper in my old, Ford pickup truck. Whenever I
would go hunting or fishing I kept it underneath the
driver's seat in case there was a need.

One day I had driven over to the local post office to
gather same mail for the church. And as I stepped out
of the pickup I felt something around the cuff of my
trousers. My assumption was that the wind was blowing
so hard that it had wrapped the cuff around my leg. I
walked several steps forward when a gentleman coming
out of the post office stopped in front of me, pointed
to the ground and announced, "Uh, young man...you're
losing your toilet paper!" I looked down and to my
chagrin (my face is red just thinking back on that
occasion) there was this tangle of toilet paper around
the bottom of my pant leg!

To make matters worse, as I turned around to see where
the roll started, I discovered forty-plus feet of paper
trailing behind me across the parking lot and up to the
driver's side door of the truck! Virtually everybody
coming out of or going into the post office got a big
laugh at my expense. (Stop laughing)!

Yes, that was an embarrassing moment. But you know, I
can think of something far more embarrassing than
toilet paper around the leg of my trousers. And that
would be to stand in the Judgment unprepared to meet my
God (Matthew 22:9-14). That would REALLY be

Dear reader, are YOU ready for the Judgment Day (2
Corinthians 5:10)?

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Our Dear Graduate
 by Paula Harrington

Spring begets a bittersweet time in many of our
congregations as some of young people will be
graduating from school and starting a new chapter in
their lives. Let us take a moment and focus on those
who at a tender ago are determined to live godly lives
in ungodly times. May we always show our support to
them by sending encouraging notes or offering a kind
word reminding them to strive to become more like

So dear graduate our prayer is that you become:

as mighty as Samson,

as faithful as David,

as dedicated as Nehemiah,

and as patient as Job.

We are certain that you can be as brave as Esther,

as passionate as Jeremiah,

and as loving as Ruth.

We hope you are as quick to care for others as Elisha,

as motivated as Noah,

and as bold as Paul.

We will pray that you become as studious as Ezra

and as encouraging to others as Barnabas.

We will encourage you to stay busy at doing good deeds
like Tabitha,

are as humble as Moses,

as tender-hearted as Josiah,

and as trusting in the Lord as Abraham.

We hope that you are as understanding as the Ethiopian

as pure as Joseph,

and when you sin, because we all sin, we pray that you
are as eager to repent as Peter.

We are so proud of your accomplishments thus far, and
are excited to see what God has planned for your future
and we make you this promise: we will pray for you,
love you, and be here for you as you embark on a new
adventure and set an example for others (I Timothy
4:12), as you become more like Christ.

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