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Make the Effort
  by J. Randal Matheny, editor

They work with three churches. They were responsible
for establishing one of those and helping with another.
They buy groceries every Saturday for her mother -- who
lives two hours and a half away.

The husband works twelve-hour days. The wife, Paula,
has health issues. Two to three times monthly they use
their Saturdays for church meetings. They often teach
Bible school to adults and children, and he often

So when to study the Bible with the non-Christian
girlfriend of a young Christian?

Paula wasn't, at the moment, teaching a children's
class during Bible school. She was sitting in on her
husband Jorge's class with the adults, studying 2
Corinthians. So she suggested they study during the
Bible class hour. After all, evangelizing this young
lady trumped her own opportunity to be a student.

So yesterday Paula and the young lady found a corner
somewhere in the house where the congregation meets and
they began the first of a series of studies on how to
become a Christian.

I understand the point people make about the Greek
tense of "go" in Matthew 28:19, that the idea is "as
you go." But it seems to miss the mark. The word
carries the force of the main verb, an imperative. The
point is not only to go, but to get the job done:
turning people into disciples of Christ.

As God's people we have been sent to fulfill a task. We
"go" out of our way to teach people and bring them to
Christ. We must make the time, create the
opportunities, find the means to get the gospel into
people's lives.

Were it not for Paula's thinking, praying and planning,
a young lady would still be without a study of the
gospel. Paula went to her. It didn't just happen. She
put effort behind the desire. An effort it behooves all
of us to make.

And that's the point in this our Final Phase of
humanity's history.

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