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School of Just a Few Less Hard Knocks
 by Stan Mitchell

Some of you who are "mature" enough will remember the
philosophy behind experimenting with drugs in the 60's
and 70's. "You won't know if it's really harmful," we
would reason, "unless you try it yourself!"

That was about as smart as a cat inviting himself to a
national dog show! Do you have to jump out of a five-
story building to know that it's not advisable? Or can
you learn by observing its effects on others? Why did
we, geniuses all, not learn simply by observing the bad
effects of drugs (or alcohol, or multiple sex partners)
on others?

   "I went by the field of a sluggard, by the
   vineyard of a man lacking judgment ... Then
   I looked and considered it; I looked and
   received instruction. A little sleep, a
   little slumber, a little folding of the
   hands to rest, and poverty will come on you
   like a robber, and want like an armed
   man"(Proverbs 23:30-34, ESV).

"Then I looked and considered it," Solomon declares, "I
looked and received instruction."

Presumably a dilapidated farm is equally observable to
a fool, but he would learn nothing from what he saw!
Solomon's wisdom lay in his ability to learn from other
people's actions. That's why they put crash dummies in
the cars, and not humans! We're supposed to learn from
what we see!

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Brotherly Love?
 by Paula Harrington

If you read much of my writing than you know that I
love the Chess Club and I'm not ashamed to admit that I
like the kids much more than I do the game.

We recently began this semester's meetings and I was
delighted at the new faces that arrived.

A few minutes into the first session, a third grader
marched to where I was sitting and declared, "I don't
like the kid I'm playing! He's calling me a liar and
I'm not one! I don't want to play with him anymore!”

I calmly instructed him to quiet down and then asked to
whom he was referring. He motioned to where he had come
from and replied, "That kid who keeps calling me a

After I asked him to direct me to that kid, we walked
to the other side of the room and to a table where one
very cute first grader sat.

The older child proclaimed, “Him!”

I tried not to laugh but my older student’s finger was
pointed right in the face of his little brother.

Sometimes we’re less patient with those we should love
the most and sadly, that’s sometimes true in the church
as well.

The Devil knows that if he can divide us, he will
conquer us and in some places, he’s doing a fine job.

Our Christian family is under attack. In order to fight
the evil, we need to encourage and edify one another.
We need to work, worship, and walk this road to Heaven

No, we might not always see eye to eye on everything
but we must remember that God is our father and we are
family (Galatians 3:26, Ephesians 2:19, I John 3:1).
We will answer to him for the way we treat those in and
out of the body of Christ.

Regardless of what our enemy may try to do, let's love
each other, glorify Jesus, and advance our Father’s
Kingdom. Aren't those the reasons we're here anyway? 

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