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Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2004 16:29:47 -0300
Forthright Magazine
Straight to the Cross

COLUMN: Final Phase

by J. Randal Matheny

   "Then the disciples came to Jesus
   privately and said, 'Why could we not
   cast it out?'" (Matthew 17:19, NRSV).

Far from the crowd, in private with Jesus, I learn
why my best efforts weren't enough. He will tell
me, if I'll only go to him.

He will show me my wrong motives. When Jesus was
away where God showed his glory, I wanted to be
the one to stand out. Ambition killed my success.

He will point out my lack of faith. I thought I
had it down pat. "I can do this. Stand back
everybody, and watch things happen." But nothing
happened. My efforts depended upon my strength,
not his.

He will point me to success. Little faith is no
faith at all. Any "amount" of faith can deal with
the challenges, for the power is not in my faith
but in its object, the omnipotent God.

Jesus will answer my question. But first I must go
to him, ask the private question that hurts to
ask, shut up, and listen to what he has to say.

And I will be grateful that Jesus not only helps
me grow in my mistake, but himself blesses another
where I failed.

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