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Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 16:03:18 -0500
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Straight to the Cross


Weeds or Strawberries?
Maxie B. Boren

A close acquaintance once remarked to Samuel
Coleridge, the noted Englishman of the early 19th
century, about his infant son of whom he was so
proud, "I don't intend to teach my son anything
about God. I will let him grow up, and when he is
old enough to judge for himself, he can choose
whether to believe or not."

As the two men walked together, they paused at the
site of Mr. Coleridge's garden. Samuel spoke, "I
had thought about setting out some strawberry
plants this spring, but you have given me an idea.
I think I'll wait until about mid-summer and see
whether the garden would prefer the strawberry
plants or weeds." "But, Samuel," intervened the
friend, "by then the weeds will have taken over;
you can't afford to wait." Then thoughtfully, Mr.
Coleridge looked his friend in the eye and
replied, "Yes, you are right about that. And in
like manner, so also will the weeds of doubt and
unbelief take over the mind of your son in due
time unless you start teaching him now that there
is a God, and that Jesus is God's Son."

Why can't Christian parents seem to grasp that
simple truth? ... the time to set out the
strawberry plants is before the weeds have taken
over the garden area. And the time to train a
child about God, about Jesus, and the way of
righteousness is NOW! ... while little minds are
receptive and pliable. One of the greatest
tragedies of our time is that the church, yea,
Christian parents, are losing so many of our young

Thanks to The Voice of Truth International, Vol
4., page 76.

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