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Date: Sun, 10 Oct 2004 14:28:28 -0500
Forthright Magazine
Straight to the Cross

COLUMN: From Friend to Friend

Every Wind that Blows
by Phil Sanders

Robert McClain, a long-time employee of Concord
Rd., a gospel preacher, and an upholsterer,
recently told me about one of his customers who is
a Titans fan.

She had come to see about her furniture and was
talking to him about going to the Titans game one

She said she wore her shorts for Bible class, so
she wouldn't have to change for the game. The lady
didn't stay for worship, because it would make her
late to the game.

I am amazed at fans who will go to the game hours
early. They go to the parking lot at 6 am to get a
good tail-gate spot, while some of my brethren can
hardly make it to church by 9 am.

Some people seem to think that worshipping the
Lord is what you do when you don't have anything
else to do. They let every wind that blows come

What if Jesus had done that? What if he had been
too busy with social functions to preach? What if
he had too many irons in the fire to heal the
sick? What if he had more important things to do
than to waste his time dying upon a cross?

Worship is not an option for those whose hearts
are fully set upon serving God. Merely taking the
Lord's Supper to do your duty is not in the
thinking of spiritual people.

We must not let the thorny soil of this world grow
up in our lives and crowd out the Word (Luke
8:14). The garden of our souls needs good soil for
the Word of God. We must not let the worries and
pleasures and riches of this life leave no room
for the more important things.

Martha was a very good woman, but she lacked in
her life the most important thing, intimacy with
the Lord in a worship setting (Luke 10:38-42).

Would it not be better that we sat at the feet of
Jesus and listened to him speak?

Love demands that we put him first in everything
(Matthew 6:33; Colossians 1:15-18).

The winds blow in all our lives. There will always
be something to do. Family and children will
always keep our lives busy, but we cannot neglect
the spiritual.

We have but one Lord and Savior. Let's devote
ourselves to him first, last, and always. Let's
live with love in our hearts and pay attention to
the only thing that matters.

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