[futurebasic] Re: Greg's MIME encoding errors.

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From: BMichael <BMichael@...>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 17:14:35 EST
>>I am not using MIME encoding myself; but perhaps the gateway between my 
>>mail system and the Internet is.  I can't do anything about it other than  
>>asking the administrator about it.  I'll wait to do that until someone else 
>>confirms they are getting MIME encoding errors.
>Here's a message I get with errors(from your "Byte Flipping" post):
>>PRINT "Testing FN flipLongB...."
>>startTicks& N TICKCOUNT
>>FOR x&  TO 200000
>>  y& N flipLongB&(x&)

Note that what's missing are = signs and the characters following. On the 
other hand, _I_ get _extra_ characters at the beginning and end of each 
line of some of Greg's posts, a "square unprintable" at the beginning, 
and a "=20" at the end. Quotes, etc. are turned into equal-some-hex# in 
the middle. I don't see the mime errors or the missing equals.... and 
some posts come through perfect, like his response quoted above! I also 
see this on other's postings, although far less often than on Greg's. 
(Which may just mean he's a prolific poster!)

I'm using Claris Em@iler through AOL though, so there's no telling, and 
it's pretty easy to get used to. No dialog boxes or duplicates here!