[futurebasic] Re: Greg's MIME encoding errors.

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From: tatewake@... (Terence Jordan)
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 19:21:28 -0400
>But if the mailer can get it right on a subsequent try, doesn't that imply that
>there is nothing wrong with the message as sent, but rather the error occurs as
>your mailer tries to retreive it?

I've figured it out; if greg sends a message with an equals sign in it, it
will bring up a mime error.

Greg, if you please, I want to test this theory:
Send a test message with an equals sign in it.
Then send a test message without an equals sign in it.

If anybody has ever seen messages with "equals-3-d" in it, or:

It's a theory, but I think when that's the way mime-encoding works;
Equals sign- two letter hexadecimal value.

This would explain why is looks bad; see:
>startTicks& = FN TICKCOUNT
Is the original line of text; somewhere, something assumes that the equals
sign signifies a hexadecimal pair right afterwards! It finds an invalid
pair, and doesn't print it! This is why we see:
>startTicks& N TICKCOUNT
            ^--- equals sign interpreted; gone. " F" interpreted as
hexadecimal pair, gone.

So; maybe the solution is that greg would maybe modify his emailer to send
=3D instead of just plain equal. You may be able to go through a whole
file, interpret " " as =20, "!" as =21, etc.

I'm going to have to read up on the mime specification, but I think this
explains the whole problem... and solution!

-- Terence Jordan (tatewake@...)
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