[futurebasic] Re: TCP/IP and ICMP Networking

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From: Aaron <aln@...>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 22:07:19 -0600
I too have been looking for TCP/IP operations for FB.  Any help would be
much appreciated.
From: LackeR <lacker@...> 
To: futurebasic@... 
Subject: [FB] TCP/IP and ICMP Networking
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 1997 06:03:49 -0800 

Does anyone know where I can find complete instructions on TCP/IP
operations as well as ICMP?  I saw another post from somone asking about
this and went to the future basic unofficial homepage, but no code files
or tutorials, just a program to FINGER@email.  I even visited their
links, to no avail.  I have FutureBasic 1.02, and I was reading the
reference manual looking for TCP/IP operations and I found the section
in the index.  I turned to the page and low and behold...  It told me to
call some number that I believe is back east.  I called the number and
reached a house where a man answered the phone.  He said to email him at
"pheonix@...", so I did this and he never sent me the files.
Hmmm...  If it will help you any I am trying to do a number of things
via TCP/IP and ICMP such as create a network station where I can link up
with other people on macs using my program.  Not only that, I want to
create a program that can ping to test connections, DNS query and trace
route, as well as finger and if possible i'd like to learn about sockets
and or ports and how they are used with futurebasic.  I'm at my wits end
here and i've tried everything, can anyone help?  If so I would
appreciate it alot.  Thanks.

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