[futurebasic] Re: TCP/IP and ICMP Networking

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From: Brian Victor <bhv11@...>
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 1997 22:40:01 -0500
At 9:15 PM -0400 12/13/97, Terence Jordan wrote:
>Just a note; I've never gotten the TCP/IP functions from FBFinger(or
>FBFinger itself) to work on a PPC mac. That's just my 2k on the subject.

Actually, I was just going to pose a question about this to the list.  I
have been successful with the routines on a PPC, but only when using
MacTCP.  That is, Open Transport does not work.  It breaks at the assembly
portion of the domain name resolver code with an error code of -17.  I have
seen this same error code in some Peter Lewis programs (Talk being a
notable example) and older (<2.0) versions of ircle.  I believe Homer also
reports this error.

I have found some commonalities between these programs.  The most obvious
is that they are all 68k programs.  Less so is that, AFAIK, they are all
written in pascal or languages with certain pascal conventions, whereas the
TCP API definitely has a C bias.  (I'm not 100% sure about this pascal
theory, but I seem to remember looking into it before.)  Neither of these
_should_ be reasons why the code should break (Apple claimed that the
switchover would be transparent for apps that used the MacTCP documented
calls) but I can think of no other reason for it.

Does anyone else out there have any more ideas about what's going on that
OT doesn't like?  I'm sure many of us will benefit from tracking this bug

-- Brian Victor