[futurebasic] Re: Greg's MIME encoding errors.

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From: Greg_Neagle@...
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 12:45:36 -0800
On 12/13/97 at 5:12 PM, futurebasic@... wrote:

> >No, I'd have to do it manually, since it's not ME or my mailer
> that's doing the >MIME encoding.  It's a gateway between my mail
> system (a FirstClass system) and >the Internet that is doing it.
> I'm saying that maybe BulkRate can send = for an equals sign instead.
> Just pre-scan the email before sending it. That way mime errors might go
> away. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, just tryin' to help.

That might help me when sending mail to the Internet, but it won't work so
great for mail or messages sent to local conferences or mailboxes.  If the
adminstrator turns off MIME encoding; my messages would come through with =
instead of equal signs.
There's also the thousands of other BulkRate users to consider; not all of them
are using systems that are using the same mail gateway, not all of them have
MIME encoding enabled; not all of them ever send mail to the Internet.

A solution must fix the problem without creating others.  Modifying BulkRate to
fix a specific problem with a certain FirstClass server and gateway
configuration would not do that.

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