[futurebasic] Another vrn question (a simple one)

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From: wave@... (Mark Goodes)
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 00:57:16 -0500
I'm using the FILES$<root> command to find a file and return its vrn, like this:

        offset=INSTR(1,checkName$,"Closing Futures Prices for")
     UNTIL offset>0 OR LEN(INKEY$) OR LEN(checkName$)=0

This appeared to work fine at first, until I checked the vrn like this:

    checkName$=FILES$(_fOpen,"",,checkVRN)     'select the same file
    PRINT "vrn check:  ";vrn,checkVRN

Then the checkVRN is different than the original vrn.  Trouble is, the
original vrn won't work in the CATMOVE routine later on, although the
checkVRN does.  Does anyone know how to get the correct vrn in the first
place?  TIA.

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