[futurebasic] Re: Need Goo for FB project

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From: MattBeedle <MattBeedle@...>
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 18:31:01 EST
Hi there Bill,
I have a copy of Photoshop 3.x and I know that I could do what you mentioned.
I also have another member named Leif Hold, he is great with graphics but he
sincerly is a pain. I and another member have flat out refused to let him near
us because of his attitude. So Leif would be a last resort, but I know what I
would do to get the balloon to bend, just pinch half the picture at different
pressures. You can send the picture as long as it is not more than 200K. If
you want to join Foxchange you can. If you want a link to your source when it
comees, I can do that too.

>I need one PICT "adjusted" by someone with Kai's Power Goo, for use in a 
>game; not sure yet if the game'll be freeware or shareware or what, but 
>the source will be available _somehow_! (This is not on contract, but one 
>I'm doing because I want to.) The source _may_ be included in a 
>commercial "library" of routines similar to FnJnII, or may be available 
>to registered shareware purchasers of the compiled game...
>I have a scanned image of a hot-air balloon, and I need it "squished" as 
>if it had been hit broadside by a flying object, then rebounding to the 
>original shape; probably 3-5 "frames" with differing amounts of 
>deflection. (I'll run 'em backwards for the rebound.) If the "point of 
>impact" could be run at two or three different "altitudes" on the 
>balloon, that'd be even better and would allow for more flexibility in 
>the game play.
>For this small a project, it's not worth buying Goo, so if anyone on-list 
>has a copy and is willing to spend the time to do this, they'll get the 
>source free, and their name in the credits. (Note that I _may_ just 
>release the source free anyway, if the "library" plan doesn't work out, 
>so this _might_ not be that good a deal... you've been warned up front!) 
>Also, this project is being done "in between" other (paying) jobs, and 
>may be delayed to be reworked for FB^3, so there's no time guarantee...