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From: David Blache <microcsm@...>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 97 13:16:49 -0600
tedd wrote:

>I don't know what's happening, but I can no longer reply to the FB mailing
>list without specifically addressing the To: in my emailer (Eudora).
>I was able, at one time, to just hit reply button and my message was sent
>to the entire list. However, now it appears that when I hit reply, I only
>reply to the person who sent a message to the list. I've looked at all my
>settings and everything looks Okay. Could this be why the list appears to
>be down?
>Considering that we just changed over from the old [FutureBasic] to [FB},
>is there a problem here?

It appears that the new server changed the headers in posted messages.  
It used to be in this format:

  Sender: futurebasic@...
      To: Multiple recipients of list <futurebasic@...>
    From: Pete <furry@...>
 Subject: [FUTUREBASIC] hacking FN DrawIconFamily
Reply-To: futurebasic@...

Now, it is in this format:

X-Sender: sperling@...  (don't ask me what the X- is for)
      To: FutureBASIC@...
    From: tedd <sperling@...>
 Subject: [FB] Replying???

(note that the "reply to" field is missing also)

The problem is that since there is no "reply to" field, your emailer is 
defaulting to replying to whatever account shows up in the "from" field 
(I believe).  So instead of your reply being addressed to 
"futurebasic@...", it is addressed for instance to 

Now, in Emailer, you can configure the software to either:

a) reply to sender _and_ all other recipients
b) reply to sender only

But because the "from" field has changed, this doesn't really help much.  
Seems like something needs to be changed in the server setup.  Of course, 
I know nothing about list servers, so I may be totally off.  ;-)   I am 
CCing this to Glen so that he will be aware of the thread.

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