[futurebasic] Fwd: MacWay Q: Mass Browser Configuration

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From: BMichael <BMichael@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 12:32:39 EST
This appeared on MacWay this morning;

>I am in need of some rather urgent assistance. I need to know if there is 
>some way to configure about 700-1000 individual preference files for the 
>latest version of a Netscape browser (Communicator or Navigator Stand 
>Alone 4), or Microsoft browser.

I've replied to the poster that the info they want "shoved" into the 
prefs file is all STR# resources, and one ALIS resource, and that if they 
don't find a pre-existing way to do it, the FB list would take it on... 
(So if you also get MacWay, don't bother jumping on it - already done!)

I'm assuming an app to be loaded at startup that checks for the existence 
of the prefs file, opens it, and if the email address is 
"dummy@..." or whatever they choose to use when they _copy_ all 
those prefs files, it'll ask the user for their name, email address, 
etc., then pop up a FILES$ (modified; folder version) dialog for them to 
select a cache location. Then write the resources, and exit; potentially 
deleting itself, depending on how their systems are set up.

I also assume the parts of this that I haven't done myself (like the ALIS 
resource) you folks will jump on, if this guy comes back to us; this 
looks like a high-visibility, low-effort, first "FB project"!