[futurebasic] Re: another Christmas Present

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From: Robert Covington <t88@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 14:26:18 -0800
>Thanks for the clue, bowerbird.  changing the name to "vector.sit" seems to
>help the download problem, but it still won't work in the full path.
>  Use members.aol.com/dgriggs and then just choose the vector.sit file.
>  Sorry for all of the silly admin traffic regarding my lack of clue about
>sharing files.  I hope my code is worth the trouble ;-)  Thanks!
>> From: Bowerbird@...
>>however, even making that correction didn't help,
>>at least in the aol browser, because the file is stuffed,
>>but because it has no extension, the browser treats it as text.

The best way to get this file using Fetch is ftp://members.aol.com/dgriggs

With no additional directories specified. You will be taken to the main
directory and see the file "vector.sit". This is a .sea file however, not a
.sit file as listed on AOL, with resulting filename "Vector.sea".

Thanks for the contribution Doug.

Robert Covington