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From: GBeckman <GBeckman@...>
Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 23:02:26 EST
In a message dated 12/19/97 9:37:25 AM, you wrote:

>A person using a program I wrote reports that the program quits with a type 1
>error in the middle of its operation. I can't duplicate the error.
>Does any one know what a type 1 error is? Also does any one have or know
>where to get a list of all error codes?  (Page 380, FB II Refererence Manual)

	Error 1 is a bus error.  I am no expert, but as I understand it Macs only
like variables, pointers, etc. that start on an even byte.  Older processors
dislike this and  report it differenly than newer.  This could cause a
difference in what you get and what your user gets.  It would seem that the
above would produce a #2, address error, but...    In my small circles, bus
errors are known as programmer errors.  I would say you have a bad pointer
(yeah, I know, standard answer) or are overunning an array.  If you have not
turned on array checking in preferences, try it.  The pointer thing are the
real tough ones.  I just start back, trying to figure which procedures have
run when the error occurs.  The trouble is, you can do memory damage and have
it show up anywhere from a tic to minutes later.  Even to the point of a
failure after an application has been quit.

I have a DocMaker 7.1 errors I would be glad to send to you.  FB manual has
them all too.

Best of luck,