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From: Peter Bancroft <pbancroft@...>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 22:07:24 +1100
Dear Terence

Thankyou for your exclamation marks, I will treasure them always 8)

Your comments raise some very important issues about the _design_ of compilers.

The FB manual says that HANDLEEVENTS does what its name suggests, it
handles events. Why would I not believe the manual. Look I've been through
a decent slab of Inside Macintosh, and I don't believe _everything_ in it.
Now I have the same scepticism for the FB manuals. Lots of FB work as
described. Some of it doesn't. Including command period within Do/Until and
While/Wend. The manual says command period works. Working code says it

So, If _I_ were to design a compiler for a Mac I'd make sure that the
HANDLEEVENTS executes often and passes parameters to DO ... UNTIL and WHILE
... WEND loops. What right do they have to exclude HANDLEEVENTS. None

In this environment HANDLEEVENTS has to be the primary loop. No loop should
exclude it or ignore it. Get _my_ drift.

>What are you _really_ trying to accomplish with this? You mentioned this
>was just a proto-type'd function of a bigger project? What's the ultimate

I'm writing a "Proof of Concept" educational project that has a screen
saver component.

Its along the lines of:

Detect systemActivity
If no systemActivity for 10 mins
then start screenSaver
until mouseClick

I _was_ trying to do this as:

   FN screenSaver
Until mouseClick

However as _I_ now know, this doesn't work. Pity.

Hope FB3 addresses this issue.