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From: Mel and Carol <mel@...>
Date: Sat, 27 Dec 1997 10:58:06 -0800
>In a message dated 12/27/97 5:07 AM, you wrote:
>>So, If _I_ were to design a compiler for a Mac I'd make sure that the
>>HANDLEEVENTS executes often and passes parameters to DO ... UNTIL and WHILE
>>... WEND loops. What right do they have to exclude HANDLEEVENTS. None
>No no my friend, you have it backwards.  HandleEvents is never called
>"automatically" - hence the HANDLEEVENTS keyword, which YOU must place in
>your code "manually".  The question is, what right do YOU have to exclude
>HANDLEEVENTS.  Why have you not made sure it was called in your loop?  We
>can't accept responsibility for poor programming.  Writing a program that
>called HandleEvents regularly is YOUR job.  Quit trying to blame us for
>your bad programming.

Did Santa leave a lump of coal in someone's sock?...;-)

Mel Patrick - theWabbitGuy - mel@...