[futurebasic] The Answer to Compile Problems!

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From: Jamin <benjamen@...>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 97 13:32:20 +1000
After a heavy debbugging session, I _think_ I have found the cause of the 
-194/-195 errors while compiling on a PowerMac

Short Answer
For those of you that can't wait, the answer is: MacOS Easy Open (Evil 

Long Answer
After MacOS Easy Open has screwed everthing up (see the "How to 
re-create" section), some of the resources (seems to be random) that FB 
is trying to add to the resource fork of your newly compiled app, are 
marked as non-detached,  when they are queried as to which resource file 
they belong to, the resource manager points the finger at "MacOS Easy 
Open".  Of course non-detached resources cannot be added, giving the -194 

How to re-create the problem
Make sure that "MacOS Easy Open" is installed.
Restart you PowerMac.
Launch SimpleText. (Every app I tried did it)
Force-Quit SimpleText (Make sure that the Force-Quit dialog says 
-- This is the bit that seems to cause "MacOS Easy Open" to screw-up

Open a project in FutureBasic (thus launching FutureBasic)
Select "Build"
Quit FutureBasic

Open the same project in FutureBasic (thus launching FutureBasic again)
Select "Build"
Now the error will occur!


Turning "MacOS Easy Open" off in the control panel is not enough to stop 
this happening (even after restarting), as it still installs and executes 
it patches anyway.  You must remove it from the System Folder and restart.

This might not be the only cause of the -194/-195 problem, so if you 
still have it happen, please send me your MacsBug log created from my 
INIT so I can trace it down once again.

If you really want to use "MacOS Easy Open" then note that if you turn on 
"Force Detach" in my INITs control panel, this will also fix the problem. 
 (You will still get a warning message about the problem though)

Thanks to all the people that took time to send me their MacBugs log!