[futurebasic] Re: The Answer to Compile Problems!

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From: Deepesh Letap <DLetap@...>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 13:59:31 +0000
>After a heavy debbugging session, I _think_ I have found the cause of the
>-194/-195 errors while compiling on a PowerMac

Well done to Jamin and his helpers in narrowing down the source of the
problem. Perhaps Staz or David can make a quick updater to fix the problem
directly within the FB II application?

Given the nature of the cause of the problem, the FB III application may
suffer from the same problems unless a simple workaround can be found like
removing the MacOS Easy Open software.

The only problem with removing the MacOS Easy Open software is that most
typical users have it as part of the System Software installation. If it is
not on your volume, any volume mounted from elsewhere will rebuild the
desktop! Similarly, when they remount the volume on their machine the
desktop again rebuilds. This can be a pain if you swap Jaz disks a lot with
large time consuming desktop rebuilds!

Ideally, if feasible, the FB application should be modified to go around
the problem?

Staz? David? Any thoughts?