[futurebasic] Re: Another font question

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From: John Morrison <jsmorr@...>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 09:28:05 -0500
>Why do some fonts have numbers?  And others do not?<

According to Apple, fonts should always be referred to by font name, not
font number (the FOND resource ID number). Like any reource, all fonts
have a font ID number. 

The problems you are having are probably more related to Macintosh
resource management. In order for you to use an unloaded font, or more
specifically a FOND resource (or FONT reource for older fonts), you will
need to open the resource fork of the desired font, load the FOND
resource (by resource name, which is the actual name of the font), use
the font, then release the resource.

All of this requires use of the Resource Mngr. the associated toolbox
calls, and maybe a few QD Mngr. calls, depending on what you are trying
to do.

I would be glad to help you with this if you want to send me your
problematic code.

John M.