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From: Peter Bancroft <pbancroft@...>
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 10:22:47 +1100
Paul Bruneau said:

>10 Peter asks question
>20 Peter Gets Answer
>30 Peter Complains with annoying sarcasm
>40 Goto 20

That's absolutely hilarious, I've printed it out and stuck it on my wall.
I could make a sarcastic comment about it ... but I'll move along 8)

No other topic has raised so much discussion on this list in the last 2
years than HANDLEEVENTS.

Why is this so?

I've been analysing for the last few days why I had trouble understanding
DO/UNTIL and its interaction with HANDLEEVENTS and why others may have had
trouble understanding HANDLEEVENTS.

I've got an observation and a suggestion to make.

What is HANDLEEVENTS? Is it a queue or is it an interrupt?
The manual is not clear.

After looking into Inside Mac I am assured that getNextEvent is a queue.
It appears that HANDLEEVENTS has some some similarity to getNextEvent.

I _assumed_ that HANDLEEVENTS was an _interrupt_ that was handled by say an
ON MOUSE ... routine. Hence I _assumed_ that I could set a global variable
and have a FN react accordingly.

Make the HANDLEEVENTS section of the FB manual much more comprehensive.
Point out explicitly that it is a queue and not an interrupt.
Show some examples of control structures such as DO/UNTIL, and WHILE/WEND
that _cannot_ be used in a particular way.
For example - don't expect this to work since HANDLEEVENTS is never called
within this control structure:
  FN something
 Until mouseClick
Show some more examples about how to implement a control structure that
does a job while still dropping back into HANDLEVENTS from time to time.
Employ Rick to write a commentary.

BTW I think good sarcasm is a dying art. There is a certain Canadian on
this list that has given me a good laugh over the last 2 years.

Finally, Mr Paul Bruneau, I have something to say to you personally.

Best regards to everyone