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From: tedd <sperling@...>
Date: Fri, 21 Nov 1997 20:59:51 -0500
>My finished application consists of one application file and one help
>file. These both easily fit on a floppy disk.
>The user can easily copy the application to their hard drive, but how can
>I get the help file into the user's preferences folder?
>I realize that there are several commercial installers to do just this,
>but it seems like such over-kill for just two files.
>Is there an easy way to create an application that will copy these two
>files to their ultimate destinations- i.e. an installer, but a simplified
>one that can be written in FB?
>Otherwise it seems I have to buy the Smaller Installer and Compact Pro
>for a total of about $200.00 to do the job.
>What say ye, list members?
>     -=  Bob (-:


I used a technique that took a helper program I had on the application disk
and moved it to the users hard drive into my own preference folder. My
application would first look to see if the preference folder was there. If
not, then my program would create one. If the preference file was there,
then my program would look for the helper program. If the helper program
was not there, then my program would move it from the application disk to
the preference file. If the helper program was there in the preference
file, then my program would run as normal. This technique would work for

There's one catch, I used functions from Function Junction II to accomplish
this task. If you purchase Function Junction II, or already have it, then
I'll share my code with you. Let me know.


tedd f. sperling                       <mailto:sperling@...>