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From: Victor Osimitz <perseus1@...>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 56 21:35:26 -0000
>My finished application consists of one application file and one help 
>file. These both easily fit on a floppy disk.
>The user can easily copy the application to their hard drive, but how can 
>I get the help file into the user's preferences folder?
>I realize that there are several commercial installers to do just this, 
>but it seems like such over-kill for just two files.
>Is there an easy way to create an application that will copy these two 
>files to their ultimate destinations- i.e. an installer, but a simplified 
>one that can be written in FB?
>Otherwise it seems I have to buy the Smaller Installer and Compact Pro 
>for a total of about $200.00 to do the job.
>What say ye, list members?

Wasn't there some talk of a FutureBASIC installer a while ago?

I'm willing to take charge of that project if nobody else will, but my 
rudimentary programming experience suggests that I'll probably need 
assistance from other people. If anybody else is interested, please 
contact me at perseus1@.... 

But, back to the topic at hand, if it's a shareware product, you can use 
Installer VISE Lite from MindVision. Contact them for more info.

Victor Osimitz

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