[futurebasic] Re: STAZ - something to consider.

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From: BMichael@...
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 20:20:33 -0500 (EST)
Tedd said:
>In other words, I believe that it would be a good idea to provide something
>in FutureBASIC that could be used by other/new programmers. The following
>are some ideas:

I like the tools idea; general software won't help FB nearly as much. The 
example-code idea is good, but I'd hesitate on "small" tools and function 
libraries, as that would compete with current & future third-party 
products, like FnJn II/III, etc.!

So, if you're looking at programmer's tools, _my_ vote would be for a 
database package easily callable from FB. (Or even other languages...) 
And I say that even though my next major project is planned to be just 
that... if the "group" wants to write it, (and it's good enough) I'll 
pass up any profits of doing it myself to _avoid_ having to do it myself. 
:-) As opposed to a "general" db, where a non-programmer could "do 
everything" using included applications, this type would be designed to 
be used by a programmer for creating _custom_ applications. The only 
competition would be Frank's "SimpleBase" and the byDesign product, and 
I'm not sure byDesign even exists anymore. (Anyone know??) Anyway, 
neither is "actively" marketed at this point (other than SimpleBase as a 
teaching tool; thanks Frank!)

BTW, I have some _real_ strong opinions on how a db _should_ be done, 
since that's been my "work" specialty for the past 15 years on "big" 
systems... so it's entirely possible that I'll wind up doing a db anyway, 
just to satisfy myself. <sigh> I have yet to see what _I'd_ call a "good" 
db on a Mac, and that includes anything from Claris, Oracle, etc.! Most 
users however would _not_ be anywhere near as picky, and I know that 
several folks on the list are fully capable of writing file managers or 
even relational databases, that would satisfy 99% of the demand. 
Certainly could give FoxPro and maybe even 4D a run for the money.

On the other hand, even a _simple_ (but reliable & extensible) db would 
probably satisfy 80% of the demand, and would be pretty easily done! You 
could even just "grow" SimpleBase a bit, if Frank concurred...

If the group _does_ decide to do a db, and is _willing_ to spend the 
effort to do a _big_ one and not just a quick-and-dirty, we can talk 
about using my design; it's probably 90% complete, although some 
AppleEvent matters still need finalization. It would certainly "ship" 
faster as a group project than if I do it all myself in my allegedly 
"free" time. And being client-server, it could be divided into individual 
modules pretty easily. It has the _disadvantages_ however of requiring 
fairly high-end hardware (definitely at least 200Mhz 603e or 150Mhz 604e 
as a minimum to run well; the G3s have got me re-interested, since I 
think they'll sell a zillion of 'em), and being dependent on Apple 
following through on a promise; otherwise it'll be "dead" under Rhapsody. 
Blue-box would _not_ cut it for this one. That's why I've remained 
hesitant to start; who here trusts Apple at this point?

Regardless, I agree that if any project is done by the group, it should 
be provided as "freeware" for anybody that owns FB. Otherwise, if it's 
shareware or commercial, who gets the $$ and how would it be divided? The 
associated warning of course is that without any monetary incentive, 
_most_ of the folks on the list are going to _have_ to do any such 
project in their "spare time"... which can be quite rare! I've been 
involved in other group projects, in fact am in two right now to varying 
degrees. They can work, and quite well, and can be a great deal of fun, 
but any dream of having "deadlines" without up-front financial backing is 
doomed to remain a dream.