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From: tedd <sperling@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 09:35:13 -0500
Bill said:

>If the group _does_ decide to do a db, and is _willing_ to spend the
>effort to do a _big_ one and not just a quick-and-dirty, we can talk
>about using my design; it's probably 90% complete, although some
>AppleEvent matters still need finalization. It would certainly "ship"
>faster as a group project than if I do it all myself in my allegedly
>"free" time. And being client-server, it could be divided into individual
>modules pretty easily. It has the _disadvantages_ however of requiring
>fairly high-end hardware (definitely at least 200Mhz 603e or 150Mhz 604e
>as a minimum to run well; the G3s have got me re-interested, since I
>think they'll sell a zillion of 'em), and being dependent on Apple
>following through on a promise; otherwise it'll be "dead" under Rhapsody.
>Blue-box would _not_ cut it for this one. That's why I've remained
>hesitant to start; who here trusts Apple at this point?
>Regardless, I agree that if any project is done by the group, it should
>be provided as "freeware" for anybody that owns FB. Otherwise, if it's
>shareware or commercial, who gets the $$ and how would it be divided? The
>associated warning of course is that without any monetary incentive,
>_most_ of the folks on the list are going to _have_ to do any such
>project in their "spare time"... which can be quite rare! I've been
>involved in other group projects, in fact am in two right now to varying
>degrees. They can work, and quite well, and can be a great deal of fun,
>but any dream of having "deadlines" without up-front financial backing is
>doomed to remain a dream.


You raise some important questions, let me answer/comment:

1. Count me in on working on your db project. It sounds like a real good
idea. I think I have some skills that I might be able to bring to the table.

2. You should break the db into modules and routines needed (you said it
would be easy). And, give us that list so we can choose what we want to
take on. And, keep us appraised as to what's been done and what's left to
do. I think that will not be a minor job.

3. Trust Apple? It's not a matter of trust, but rather a matter of what
choice do we have? We either commit to Apple or roll over to the dark side.

4. I think that the db should be freeware to anyone. First, there is no way
to keep track of sales (if we sold it). Second, there is no fair way to
compensate everyone for their effort (some work better and harder than

5. It should not be limited to just FB owners. Two reasons: First, that
defeats the purpose of attempting to gain new FB recruits. We want everyone
to have access to the code. Sure some may convert it to C or another
language, but most won't; Second, how do we control its distribution
anyway? No reason to attempt to control anything when it's not possible.

What I see is a db that we can release to the general programming community
to be used as "they" see fit. In other words, no strings attached.

What say you?


3. Its not that I trust Apple, but what choice do we have?

tedd f. sperling                       <mailto:sperling@...>