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From: BMichael@...
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 10:20:28 -0500 (EST)
>>There are lot's of programs out there to check your clocks speed. But I'm
>>confused, you replaced a CPU of 200 mhz. Jeez. I'd love a CPU that fast.
>>Surely 200 mhz can't be too out dated already.
>I believe we're up to 315 already; correct me if I'm wrong, please! :-)

The 604e "Mach 5" runs up to 350 in shipping systems. DEC Alpha chips are 
up around 600.

>We've already beaten the 2xx boundries of a wintel chip.

Better yet, the PPC750 ("G3") running at 233MHz is faster on almost every 
benchmark than a Pentium II running at 300! That _finally_ puts a Mac for 
under $2000 in the same performance class as $3000 PC servers. And just 
watch what the specs are in March...

I just replaced a PowerBase 200 with a G3/233. The PowerBase wasn't so 
much "underpowered" as I needed to replace my daughter's Centris 610 
(20Mhz). She got the PowerBase and I got the G3. (Would you believe that 
there are children's "edutainment" titles shipping that are PPC only!?!) 
She's got a Mac 10x faster, I've got one twice as fast. For about $600 
more than I could have bought a "low-end" Mac just for her, and we both 
got more memory and disk out of the deal than we would have that way. 
Plus the Centris moves to my father to replace his Classic, and the 
Classic goes to a Mac-less friend.

If you take MWJ, "The Weekly Journal for Serious Macintosh Users", this 
week's issue has my review of the G3. Bottom line says that if you have a 
68K Mac or a low-end PPC, these are the Macs you've been waiting for to