[futurebasic] Re: STAZ - something to consider.

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From: "Jon M. Gohr" <natural@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 10:40:16 -0600
>>I agree. How about a ResEdit replacement. It is something that would be
>>easily dividable--different editors to different folks, for example. It's
>>only competition is Resourcerer and only serious developers pony up $256
>>for that. A low cost or freeware ResEdit replacement might be just the
>>ticket to show off the power of FB...
>I think (personally) that biting off more than we (collectively) could

I think that a free resedit replacement is a great idea. Is it more than the
members on this list can handle? I sincerely doubt it ... I know of a 16
year old german kid who is quite a ways along on a resource editor
(Resurrection) geared towards but not strictly limited to the freeware
MacZoop C++ class library. You can check out his home page and download a
PPC only (68k in the works) alpha version of the software here

Resorcerer is a great product ... and while some can't afford it at the
current time, it's worth saving for.  I also seem to remember hearing rumors
on another mailing list I'm on of someone else working on a shareware or at
least cheap commercial resource editor ... I think it's intended to sell for
25 to 40 dollars. So perhaps this is something that is being handled.

I think the idea of developing a relational database system accessible from
FutureBasic, while being something FutureBasic desperately needs, may be
further out towards the extreme of what a group collective could accomplish
in a reasonable amount of time. Sure would love to have it though!!!!!!

It seems like the common requests on this list are for things like
databases, appleevent handling, serial communication and other networking
technology. I'd like basic modules to handle all of the common core tcp/ip
programming tasks and protocols.

Anything to add to the collective code base for the environment while
solving some real need issues would be incredibly worthwhile.

Since I'm already taking bandwidth ... I'll volunteer for assimiliation into
the collective programming project.

Jon M. Gohr
Senior Systems Analyst
Ecolab Inc.