[futurebasic] Re: STAZ - something to consider.

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From: JEFFHBW@...
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 18:46:51 -0500 (EST)
>And, lastly we need to distribute these routines to the freeware listings
>everywhere and not just to our own web sites. The good point in this is if
>the routines are simple, we can make many of them. As such, we get the FB
>name out more frequent. In other words, I would rather see 50 programs that
>do just one thing than one program that does 50 things.
>Well... that's my idea.

I think it makes sense to target developers... I think though that it 
will also take some sort of application, and not just code to really get 
people interested.
Plus, don't entirely discount the non-programmer aspect of the mac using 
market... the only reason I use FB now is because it made it to the 
"Street-Cred" section of "Wired"!  I wanted to program, but the C books 
were useless without hundreds of dollars of C language.  FB was only $50 
at the time, so I figured - can't really lose with that price.
Anyway, it was relatively easy to use, and I began to hang out at 
"developer" places and lists.  However, I never even went to those places 
before I owned FB.
Point of the story is that I think there are pleanty of people who run 
macs who would like them to do some basic things - and apple script isn't 
cutting it - that might just spark to FB.

Just my opinion :-)

Jeff Hedberg