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From: Robert Purves <robert.purves@...>
Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2006 18:39:52 +1300

>> Maybe everything is supposed to be so totally transparent such  
>> that I should not have to worry about anything but programming but  
>> I would like to know what I paid for.

Begin forwarded message:

> i have had trouble with my internet connection and haven't been  
> able to put up a notice on the web site. the main thing that it new  
> is that the compiler is twice as fast. there are also some new  
> items that you can find in the manual by looking at the index. they  
> are labeled <new>.
> staz -}-

My copy of FB4.4 arrived. Below are the changes that I am aware of.
Robert P.

Idling uses less CPU time (as seen in the Unix tool top).
Changes to the Compile Info window (and its displayed info) so that  
it uses less CPU time while updating itself during compilation.
Cosmetic changes to the
- default font style.
- Debug and Advanced panes of Preferences.
- dialog shown when the editor can't find its supporting folders.

Faster, smaller, OS X-only compiler that produces almost exactly the  
same PPC code that Release 3 did.
The compiler's UI, such as it is, has been updated.
Some obsolete resources ['CODE', 'Tara', 'Gigi', 'Andy', 'Staz' 1997]  
that the compiler added to your app, are no longer added.

CFIndex.incl              [documented in Reference.pdf]
def DynamicRemoveItems    [now documented in Reference.pdf]
def DynamicInsertItems    [now documented in Reference.pdf]
A rare crashing bug in the runtime FBBlockMove was fixed, which among  
other things, could cause DynamicRemoveItems to crash.