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From: Mel Patrick <mel@...>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 23:12:37 -0800
>I don't follow.  If cWindow class is a subclass of cObject (the base
>class), and as such inherits cObject's methods and properties, and you
>pass an object of type cObject to a function, why would that function
>need or want to use cWindow's Draw method rather than cObjects?

You know, its a paragraph like the above that almost convinces me I don't
know diddly about programming and should take up a new hobby. Or is it just
a case of "same old language, but new buzzwords to confuse"?

I have yet to figure out what the advantage to objects are, let alone
exactly what objects are. Sure hope theres a fantasic tutorial for FB3 to
simplify objects or someone want to take a stab at this for the few of us
that feel more comfortable with inline assembly than high level anything.

Wanna scare a possible FB3 sale away? Let'em read that first paragraph.

Mel Patrick - theWabbitGuy - mel@...