[futurebasic] fb^4 release 3 not working for me

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From: bob krueger <rckrueger1@...>
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2007 00:39:46 -0500
I purchased fb^4 release 3 on July, 2006.  I'm trying to install the 
program on a macBook that I just acquired.  Howver, I keep getting the 
following error message:  "The following toolbox items are not available 
on this computer.  This program may crash if you continue."   Toolbox 
items listed are:  calloc, close, fcntl, fgetc, free, .... read, 
realloc, write.

I'm thinking I need to visit the Staz page (stazsoftware.com), but that 
web page seems to be down at this time.

I have repaired permissions, moved the dmg file onto my drive before 
opening, opened the dmg and moved the files into a folder.  I also 
searched my futurebasic@... messages.  I noted that some 
people had problems with compiling applications.  I cant even get FB to 
open without errors.  Anyone else experience this on macBooks?  Do I 
need to wait and visit the Staz page when it opens?  Is there a patch 
that I can use in the meantime?  Thanks in advance for your help.