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From: jonathan <format@...>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 97 08:59:29 -0000
>It's probably just my bad programming, but maybe someone can shed light on
>why I'm getting these problems.
>1.  I'm writing a program to graph and analyse various financial markets.
>When I change something and compile the program for testing, it usually
>works fine from a compiler perspective.  But sometimes it doesn't draw the
>graph properly.  Then if I quit FB and start up again, without recompiling
>any include files, my graphing program will draw the graph properly.
>     I thought this might be a problem with using stale data from the data
>cache on my 040 processor, so I put in code to flush the cache at the start
>of my program.  The mysterious compiler behaviour still continues.
>2.  And just now, after making a minor change to an include file and
>attempting to recompile, the compiler told me that the include file had not
>been compiled or was missing.   Yet it did not want to compile it when I
>tried to compile the project.  Quitting FB and starting it again put the
>checkmark beside the include file and solved the problem.
>Any help would be appreciated.

Occasionally the project manager goes walkabout (ask the aussies for more 
details). This looks like one of its manifestations.

Generally when you get compile problems like this, trash the file that 
has a pi sign after it (and don't forget to empty the trash, FB has been 
known to still use it if it exists).
In extreme cases of this problem i have also copied the code files from 
FB to SimpleText (thru the clipboard) and saved them under a different 
name, before trashing the originals and recompiling, 'cos FB just did 
*not* want to cooperate.
In this case you must launch FB and _then_ open your .main file, 'cos 
double-clicking'll get you simple text not FB :-)


The joke had already been posted a while back, but that's like TV. You 
can also like the re-runs (otherwise, why'd they do it?)

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