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From: Charles Schreiber <CSchreiber@...>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 10:28:40 -0500
On those rare occasions that I post here, I always worry that I'm  
asking a question that have been covered ad nauseum. I only read the  
posts from time to time and, to be honest, rarely understand them. I  
have noticed, however, that "insider" information seems to  sometimes  
makes its way into posts here.

What I'm wondering is this: Does FB have a future? I know Staz  
Software took an awful hit when Katrina almost wiped their region off  
the map. I feel bad for them and want to be patient and supportive,  
but the last news item on the Stazsoft web site is now a year old.  
Was the company hit too hard to ever get back on its feet? Is Mac  
hardware and the Mac OS changing too rapidly for them to ever catch up?

What's the news that's not on the StazSoftware web site? Has anyone  
heard any rumors? (Am I asking questions that have already been  
addressed here a hundred times?)

Best regards,


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