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From: Alain Pastor <apastor@...>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2007 13:42:01 +0200
H. Gluender a écrit :
> Thanks Brian,
> the link used to work some weeks ago and I judge the disappearance of 
> "euro.futurebasic.com" as a bad sign for FB. This said, I judge FBtoC as 
> promising alternative.
> I shall try to host the mentioned text on my site soon.


Actually, the euro.futurebasic.com domain name was originally handled by 
Pix & Mix, then transferred to Staz Software when Pix & Mix closed its 
doors. From there, there used to be a redirection pointing to the pixmix 
site where the euro.futurebasic site has always been located. Perhaps, 
Staz Software failed to renew the domain name.

Anyway, since I still own the pixmix.com domain name in spite of the 
disappearance of the company, the former euro.futurebasic site is still 
available at the following URL: <http://www.pixmix.com/euro/>.
This is not really a bad sign for FB, is it?

Note that I seldom update this site because of my other activities, and 
as a matter of fact, I have not programed with FB for more than a year, 
but I still monitor the FB lists and post once in a while when time 
permits (my training in English language has truly suffered because of 
this, alas).