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From: David Blache <microcsm@...>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 97 11:23:54 -0600
>I have to agree with this. I worry that one of FB's prime selling points,
>simplicity and ease of use, is going out the window. I too hope that there
>is an excellent tutorial, otherwise I fear the learning curve for FB^3 will
>be so steep it won't be worth my while. Objects, classes, inheritances,
>etc. What about FN's, programs that you can make right away, and not having
>to know all the stuff in that first paragraph?
>It is sounding like FB is becoming an expert's environment at the expense
>of simplicity for the newcomers to it. Sounding more and more like C and

FB^3 will still support all of the things FB II does now.  But...

You guys are taking the wrong approach to this.  OOP isn't the future of 
programming - it is here _now_, and has been for quite some time.  Basic 
just hasn't caught onto it yet.  This isn't a new technology anymore.  
It's a proven technology that has taken the programming world by storm.  
Even Java is based on it it.  So for FB^3 _not_ to make use it would be 
silly in my opinion.  It wouldn't be very healthy for you (or Staz 
Software) to shun it, just because we are afraid of change or don't 
understand the concept.

Probably the best explanation I have ever seen on OOP is a java tutorial 
by Sun Microsystems 
(http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/java/objects/index.html).  While 
this isn't a tutorial on OOP directly, it _does_ explain the concepts 
quite well.

You can also obtain good, solid documentation on the concept here 

Once you get the concept of OOP in your head, the rest is a breeze, and I 
do mean a breeze.  The hardest thing about OOP is understanding the 
concept.  And as far as ease of programming goes, if you think PG is 
good, OOP will blow you away.

Well...that's my two-cents.  Happy T-day everyone.  I'm off to the bosses 
house to make my rounds.  ;-)

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