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From: Mel Patrick <mel@...>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 10:57:33 -0800
>FB^3 will still support all of the things FB II does now.  But...
>You guys are taking the wrong approach to this.

And I still haven't heard why its taken the programming world by storm. If
its like anything else in the "programming world" its hot and cold on a
daily basis. Its probably extremely well suited for some things and
possibly not for others in that it would add needless complexity.

>It's a proven technology that has taken the programming world by storm.

Going out to get my foul weather gear...;-)

>Even Java is based on it it.

So thats what makes Java so poor... I'm afraid I'm rather disappointed in
Java itself. Ho, the language is OK, but the libraries for building Human
Interfaces are awful !

No resources: No way to localize applets, and no way to have an HI without
some specific code for creating the elements.

Very limited support of graphics. Even if people think it's easy to add a
blinking thing to their home page in Java, animation is limited by the fact
that there no support for
offscreen drawings, and even better, can can't choose the pen size when
drawing ! There
also no notion of 'regions', which are extremely useful.

No way to have a SINGLE file containing a set of classes. No, I don't mean
the .zip
files, I'm speaking about a complete runnable applet in ONE file...

At least, the network classes seems OK, beside the fact that the Java VM
don't allow
connections to another host than the host running the applet itself.

>Once you get the concept of OOP in your head, the rest is a breeze, and I
>do mean a breeze.  The hardest thing about OOP is understanding the
>concept.  And as far as ease of programming goes, if you think PG is
>good, OOP will blow you away.

Amazing that you have to apply this steep learning concept curve to write
the same software you do now. Wonder how the world existed with out it.
Probably much the same as its going to long after something else replaces

Just my $.02 worth having been done the OOPs road..

Mel Patrick - theWabbitGuy - mel@...