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From: Robert Covington <artlythere@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 15:06:07 -0500

I finally have the tiled printing UI thingie done, and will be  
slicing up a large image that I create in a GWorld, copying the  
pagerect as it goes.

  (I do not know how to embed a regular sized image to a PDF and let  
the PDF do it, like the free app PosteRazor does)

Q:  I will have anywhere from 2 to a kazillion pages. Sometimes it  
would be optimal to save the thing as a PDF directly. I know how to  
do a single page one, but not a multiple page one.

Is there anything extra special that I need to do if desiring to send  
all my tiled printing pages to a single multipage PDF?

I am looking at RP's Page Setup and Print Sheets demo in Donations/ 
Robert P's Favorite Examples/OS X folder (printing one)

Would I call the below PDF setter right before calling fn MyDoPrintLoop?

err = fn PMSessionSetDestination( gFBPrintSession, gFBPrintSettings, ¬
  _kPMDestinationFile, kPMDocumentFormatPDF, destCFURL )
CFRelease( destCFURL )

Or would I need to call it somewhere else, perhaps after err = fn  
PMSessionBeginDocument within MyDoPrintLoop perhaps? Thanks for any  

Main loop function in that demo is:
fn MyDoPrintLoop( printSession as PMPrintSession, pageFormat as  
PMPageFormat, ¬
     printSettings as PMPrintSettings, w as WindowRef )