[futurebasic] Re: "Me too" posts

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From: Deepesh Letap <DLetap@...>
Date: Fri, 28 Nov 1997 09:33:34 +0000

>I would suggest that from now on on this list, if someone offers code or
>whatever, that instead of posting "me too" messages to the list, we send
>them to the person's personal mailbox.  It's pretty annoying to get five
>or six FB messages which say "Me Too."  Thanks.
>- - -
>Mike Friedman

You are quite right. However, as one of the guilty persons I would like to
offer some defence for the behaviour.

Basically, if the thread that contained the original message is at hand,
the correct author can be contacted directly. I am sure everybody follows
this method.

However, sometimes the original thread is missing or arrives after the
replies. More often, after a few mails describes the topic further, an
interest in the code may be generated at that time. Thus, the request can
only be made to the list hoping the original poster will see it and
respond. Not the best way but it does work.

The only way around it is to post the code to an ftp site or quote the
original senders name when replying that thread. Are we all really that
disciplined? I am not but I am open to any suggestions that saves
unnecessary waste of bandwidth.