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From: Victor Osimitz <perseus1@...>
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 56 21:58:51 -0000
>>But, back to the topic at hand, if it's a shareware product, you can use 
>>Installer VISE Lite from MindVision. Contact them for more info.
>Thanks, Victor. I was aware of MindVision's generosity, but I'm not in 
>the shareware market at this time.

If you're looking for an affordable installer (as in under $500), the 
choices are pretty narrow. You could get a new computer for the price of 
VISE Pro, and Smaller Installer isn't much cheaper. Alladin hasn't been 
straightforward on the price of registering StuffIt Installer, but I 
dislike that software anyway and would hesitate before recommending it. I 
don't know what to recommend, unless two more people volunteer to help on 
the FB Installer and you can wait for about 8 months.

Despite my disliking StuffIt installer, if it's affordable, that's 
probably the thing to do. Or you can create a StuffIt or Compact Pro 
Self-Extracting Archive (basically an installer w/o the Custom Install 
option) for under $40. But expect to get in trouble if you don't register 
StuffIt Lite/Compact Pro beforehand. And that means register. You have to 
actually enter the code, not just send off the money. Cuz if you don't, a 
big message goes in the installer that says, "Created with an 
unregistered copy of StuffIt Lite."

Of course, if those two ever volunteer (hint hint, any two people who 
might have some spare time), you can start with StuffIt Lite and then 
switch to the FB Installer later.

Victor Osimitz

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