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From: Glen Stewart <root@...>
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 1997 09:08:56 -0500
The FutureBasic list is now ready to use.  Everyone on the old list is
subscribed to this one.  If you were in DIGEST mode, you still are.  If you
were in single-message mode, you still are.

Please note that the Futurebasic web listing of mailing list messages is now
password-protected to prevent e-mail address-gathering SPAM ROBOTS from getting
your name and mailing you.  The username is GUEST, and the password is GUEST.
This info is provided on the login dialog you see there.


Username: guest
Password: guest

The exact URL for FB list messages each day is:


You can get your own copy of all the help info below by sending a message to


--- Here are the ezmlm command addresses.

I can handle administrative requests automatically.
Just send an empty note to any of these addresses:

   Receive future messages sent to the mailing list.

   Stop receiving messages.

   Receive future messages sent to the mailing list, in digest form.

   Stop receiving digest messages.

   Retrieve a copy of messages 12 to 45 from the archive.
   A maximum of 50 messages are returned per request.

   Retrieve a copy of all messages with the same subject
   as message 12345 from the archive.

   Retrieve subjects of messages, including 123 though 456
   from the archive. Subjects are returned in sets of 100.
   A maximum of 2000 subjects are returned per request.

If you do, I won't see them, and subscribers will yell at you.

To specify God@... as your subscription address, send mail
to <futurebasic-subscribe-God=heaven.af.mil@...>.
I'll send a confirmation message to that address; when you receive that
message, simply reply to it to complete your subscription.