[futurebasic] Re: ZB=FB=bad / FBIII=good?

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From: Rick Brown <rbrown@...>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 12:26:52 -0600
Robert Purves wrote:

> The FOR loop unhappiness
> ------------------------

I agree.  Might be a tiny problem with backwards compatibility if this
were "fixed" (I suppose somebody may have written an FB program in which
they _want_ that first "unhappy" iteration of the loop to occur).

> The LONG IF nonsense
> --------------------

I agree, but there's a _huge_ backwards-compatibility problem if this is
"fixed."  If LONG IF were changed to IF...THEN, etc., I'd expect Staz at
least to provide us with a utility that could convert all of our old
FBII source code.  Maybe a compromise would be to introduce an ELSEIF
(XELSEIF ?), while leaving all the other syntax unchanged.

At least we can accomplish ELSEIF's benefits by using the SELECT CASE
block, which is _much_ more flexible in FB than in QB.

I would add the following to any list of gripes:

How about allowing us to use string expressions in a consistent way?  I
would like to be able to pass an arbitrary string expression to
functions which take string parameters: i.e., to do this:

  MID$(x$ + y$, 4, 7)


  LEFT$(myFunc$(7), 2)


  FN mySearch("Hello" + LEFT$(x$, 3))

Yes, I know this can be "worked around," but it's an ugly feature.  Keep
FB pretty!

- Rick