[futurebasic] Same file open?

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From: Brian Victor <bhv11@...>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 22:57:13 -0500
I'd first like to thank those who replied to my previous questions.  They
gave me a solid start on my first _serious_ FB project.

I've got a couple more questions, which are hopefully a bit simpler to
answer.  The first is, how does one determine if the file the user is
trying to open is the same as one that is already open?  That is, literally
the same file, as opposed to an exact duplicate.

And what exactly does the "maximum open files" preference do?  I haven't
changed it from its default 2, but I seem to have no problem opening more
than 2 files.

Thanks again for answers to previous and current questions.  This list has
helped me find techniques that have vastly improved my code. :)

-- Brian Victor