[futurebasic] Re: Type 1 Errors and my Resource File Fiasco

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From: Chris Stasny <staz@...>
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 14:31:16 -0500
>> Thing 1: If you use Macintosh Easy Open or an older version of RAM Doubler,
>> the corruption cannot be laid on FB.
>Don't use these. Keep my machine as stripped as possible.
>> Thing 2: You can't build a program without resources.
>True, a Mac program is a collection of resources. But if the compiler
>builds them that's different then me trying to build them with tools
>trash them without telling me and cannot diagnose flaws. RMaker was
>great, I could look at the text in an editor and build resources that
>I was confident in. In VB I can scan all the source FRM and BAS files
>in plain text and guarantee that nothing is corrupted. I just wish
>there was a utility that would convert a resource file to text and back.
>I would maintain the text and build the resource from that, when I
>interactive dialog construction I would use Resedit, then put it back
>text. The Windows world has two-way tools like this that are amazing.

We could easily build a tool like that. It wouldn't do any good, but we
could build it. The corruption happens in memory, so the return of data to
the text format would just translate the errors.

I agree that VB is much safer. But it is also much, much slower. Everything
is a trade off. That's why FB^3 is scheduled to have both a
beginner/scientific/engineering version (FB^3 lite) and a faster version
that let's you blow up what ever you want to blow up.

Work on narrowing down the problems and then see if you can find what
causes them. Anything else is equivalent to blaming the weather man for
high humidity. Actually, with the humidity we have here, we would probably
shoot the weather man. ;)

If a cow laughed, would milk come out her nose?

-STAZ   ~)~

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