[futurebasic] Re: [FB] Clever STR# question--needs clever answer.

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From: allmedia@... (Sylvain Guillemette)
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 00:22:32 -0500
>>I use a$ = b$ in code resource no problemo.
>Why doesn't it work for me, then?  Maybe I have an older version of
>FBII--the one I have is 2.3.  Is this the same one you have?

I have the same version.

I use COMPILE 0, _pointerVars
Sometimes i add _appendRes, depending on what i do.

I don't use _macsBugLabels (only when i have problems).

I don't do INIT's or things like that, so maybe it
can't be applied to what you do.

Good luck,


>Or maybe it depends on the COMPILE statement.  Here is mine:
>COMPILE 0,_SysHeapVars_PointerVars_MacsBugLabels_noRedimVars
>Or maybe it depends on the kind of code resource.  Right now I'm having
>these problems in an INIT and in a TOLZ resource.  In fact, I can't even
>compile the code for the FB project manager TOLZ resource that was included
>as a sample.
>Help, anyone?  I'm always interesting in getting to know the compiler better.
>wave (Toronto, Canada)
>Much better at "OOPS!" programming than OOP programming.