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From: Robert Covington <t88@...>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 00:41:28 -0800
>At 1:30 AM -0500 11/7/97, David Blache wrote:
>>Robert Covington wrote:
>>>Once we posted anything to a newsgroup, all our mailboxes would be toast
>>>due to Spam overflow. My AOL account is already 10-20 spams a day just
>>>because I post on a message board. Whatta pain.
>>I disagree.  I think a newsgroups would be excellent for this group.
>>Spam doesn't seem to get into any of the comp.sys.mac.programmer
>>newsgroups.  I don't think futurebasic's would be any different.  The
>>best thing about newsgroups is, the messages stay on the server until you
>>want to read them, rather than coming to your mailbox whether you want
>>them or not.  A newsgroup would definitely be the way to go - if it is
>At 8:53 AM -0500 11/7/97, tedd wrote:

>The really big problem is that once anyone posts to a newsgroup the junk
>mailers get that person's email address and now that address will get junk
>email on a regular basis, it appears that the more you post to usenet the
>more junk email you get.  I already experience this at work and I have no
>desire to experience it at home.  Since I don't use my home email address
>for usenet posting I currently don't get junk email at home.  I believe
>junk email will go the same way as junk mail, increase to the point were
>70% in the box is junk.

95% in the case of my AOL account.

>IHMO: junk email is not a problem if you plan on jumping to a new ISP every
>6 months or can somehow else change your email address regularly.

This is unrealistic for those of us who need address stability. I like my
provider for the most part, and changing my email address would be a big
pain. Particularly if I was running a software business. The solution I
would prefer (grudgingly) is to make header forging a penalty affair and
nailing the junk mailers. If they can't do "business" honestly to start
with, they don't deserve to be allowed to continue to clog our mailboxes
for any reason.

Robert Covington