[futurebasic] Takes 2 tries to load resources in OS8

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From: "Pierre A. Zippi" <pzippi@...>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 16:57:50 -0500
I have a G3 at home and one at work.
At home (OS8.0), I have noticed that sometimes (most times) the first attempt
to load a resource alert is unsucessful. I have not noticed this problem at
work where I run OS8.1 or previously with older OS7.x.  I have worked around
this by testing the result and calling it agaion it failed the first time.

Any ideas if I'm doing something else wrong?

LOCAL FN SaveAlert (Msg$, QW$)         'pass string
  	  CALL PARAMTEXT (winName$,QW$,"","")'display msg as ^0 ^1,^2,^3
  	  controlNum%=FN STOPALERT (132, 0)'132 is ALRT resID
  	 IF controlNum%<0 THEN controlNum%=FN STOPALERT (132, 0)'try again OS8 prob?
END FN = controlNum%                   'what button pressed