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From: Joanne at JMar <jmar@...>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 18:53:50 -0700
>Just heard from Staz about FN JN II, and it seems he isn't selling it
>either.  If it isn't being sold by anyone anymore, maybe it would be fair
>to share the functions I need in exchange for a few of my own... or at
>least let me know if the function I want even exists in the package? 

I I remeer correctly, Ross Lambert offered to donate FN JN II (and other 
Ariel products) to Staz so Staz could sell it.  I don't know if Ross and 
Staz ever followed up on this.  Staz???

But this brings up a point I've been wondering about.  Ariel use to 
publish a nice little catalog called "Tools for FutureBASIC Craftsman".  
It listed a bunch of utilities that were available for purchase by the FB 
programmer, but since Ariel's untimely demise, there doesn't seem to be 
anyplace to get this stuff.  (I believe most is commercial and are not 
availabe via the FB Webring).

Some of these include:

- FB Accelerator
- Menu Mill
- FiNdexer
- Shell Maker Pro
- CDEF-City II
- Learning FutureBASIC books
- Function Junction II
- ToolBudy (now free -- thanks Mel!!!)

and then there were;

- spreadsheet, function, and database modules by ...by Design, Inc.
- B-Tree HELPER by (M)agreeable Software
- FB PowerPak
- Microvention Controller


What ever happened to these?  What is still available?  It would be nice 
to have a web site where these could be ordered.